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What is ADA?

Firstly, let’s find out what is it.  It is a modern high-level programming language which was at first come to light in early 1980’s. It is a comprehensive adaptation Pascal and other languages. Today, this term is not an acronym. Now, this term is used in honor of Augusta Ada Lovelace who got reorganization as the world’s biggest programmer after working with Charles Babbage.

After being redesigned and revised it is known as ADA 95. It is also the first programming language that got ISO certification. It is designed modern software engineering principles. At the same side, it can act as an excellent guide for not only beginners but also for experienced programmers in the computer industry.

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Why is it Important?

ADA has constantly been achieving all the goals. This programming language was designed for benefitting the programmers.

Every developer desired of a computing language that offers support for maintainability, readability and other important features. A language that can recognize errors that most of the C-based programming cannot recognize despite being more expensive in comparison with ADA and are highly popular among program developers.

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