Find out What Are the Types of Account That You’ll Study:

Account creating is very important for diving different types of inflows and outflows of any business. This is particularly essential to have different types of accounts and have both credit and debit sides be calculated during a fiscal year separately to measure what is the amount of net profit is. To study about account types you’ll need to focus on definitions and descriptions found from Accounts types Assignment Help. Find us at

Types of accounts:

When you’ll study with Accounts types Assignment Help you’ll notice the basic division as:

  • Real accounts
  • Nominal accounts
  • And Personal accounts.

If a company doesn’t divide credit and debit values into the actual account type, it’s certain that a false balance sheet will be created.

What is real account?

The first type of account that we’ll discuss is real account which holds all tangible and intangible categories as either its debit or credit amount. Here, debit side will mean inflows and credit will mean outflows. There are two subdivision of real account:

  1. Tangible: Tangible account holds all record of physical or touchable items as its category. The examples will be plants, machinery, stock, buildings etc.
  2. Intangible: Intangible account holds categories that cannot be touched physically, such as goodwill, reputation, patent, trademarks etc.

What is nominal account?

From Accounts types Homework Help you’ll learn that nominal account records values that are connected with expenses, incomes, loss or gain. Since nominal account doesn’t have any existence it perfectly matches with the meaning of nominal. You have to remember that there is definitely money involved with nominal account. Some of the examples are salary, wages, purchase, sales etc.

Here, debit side of this account will mean expenses or any type of loss whereas credit side will mean incomes or any type of gain. The final outcome of nominal account is profit or loss.

What is Personal account?

You’ll learn that personal accounts are connected with individuals, companies etc from Accounts types Homework Help. Some of the common examples are capital, creditors, debtors, credit customer account, outstanding account, goods supplier account, prepaid account, drawings etc. Here, debit side will mean receiver, credit side will mean giver.

There are three subcategories of personal account:

  • Natural: This is very easy to handle and basically relate with people.
  • Artificial: These are accounts that originate from law and artificially above all.
  • Representative: This is an account that represents some other person or group of people etc.

How can you study on this topic?

The easiest way is to learn about account or book keeping first. That way you’ll find out general views on different types of accounts and their classification. The types come just next to it. With each type you must focus on their definition and description.

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