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What is Account Payable Check Request?

It is an interactive form which is used for payments on various services. Form can be obtained from the business official page under the “Forms” section. After filling all the details in the form online print can be taken. There are some policies of check request form which should be followed.

Instructions regarding form-

  1. Supporting documents like invoices, order details, contracts must be attached with the form.
  2. An incomplete form gets rejected. It can be then completed and resubmitted.
  3. Details should be typed in form.
  4. Vendor ID or employee ID must be entered correctly.
  5. Amount requested must be totaled for each invoice. Automatically it will merge the amount of all the invoices.
  6. Honorarium requests should be submitted with the other necessary documents with the Check Request Form.
  7. The details regarding the services should be submitted along with the Check Request Form.

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Processing time of the form

Holding the form for too long is not a wise decision. All the Check Request forms should be sent to the Department of Accounts Payable. Processing time is five business days.

This form should not be used for

  1. Business expense reimbursement requests.
  2. Purchase requisition.
  3. Check request when there is purchase order already placed.

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