Accounting Voucher and Its Types: Just a Click to Unveil the Details!

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Accounting Voucher and its types:

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If Accountancy is simply associated with keeping track of financial records, Accounting Vouchers are electronic documents that prove these transactions. Since initial entries are made in a manual way, after a certain point of time, those details are placed in an electronic mode, and separate vouchers are created for each of the entries.

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Types of vouchers present:

  • Cash Vouchers: In case of basic transactions, this voucher is used.

It is further sub-divided into Credit Voucher for Cash Receipts. This includes cash received from sales, investment, debtors, and assets.

In case of Debit Voucher for Cash Payment, aspects included are paying of investment money, money to creditors, cash expenses and buying of goods.

  • Transfer Vouchers: In this case, all non-cash aspects are taken into consideration.

Here, credit regarding sales and fixed assets are concerned. Apart from that, credit on depreciation, purchasing, and sales of products and bad debts are taken into consideration.

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