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Amongst the fundamental concepts in accounts, accounting period is a topic of utmost necessity that needs to be understood if you are a finance student.

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Correlation of companies and accounting period (key role)

During theaccounting period,the important function that most entities perform is the preparation of financial statements. The feedbacks generated by these statements in this period reflect the firm’s management technique in certain steps.

  • Accrual accounting
  • Entry adjustment
  • The matching principle

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Adjustments that are required to be made at this period

At the end of every month (if a company makes amonthly financial statement), these adjustments are required to be looked upon.

  • Record of depreciation at that period
  • Accumulation of liabilities and expenditures by a company that hasn’t been recorded
  • Adjustment of expenses accordingly in that period

Questions becoming hindrance for students

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  • What is consistency principle?
  • What are the methodologies to report period costs in financial statements?
  • In wages and salaries expense account what can be recorded?
  • How to differentiate between period costs and product costs?
  • What is the difference between payments and expenses?
  • What are the causes which make purchases resemble as expenses on an income statement?

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