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Any product in the market builds its place among others with a reputation they have gathered by better qualities or features. Since there are lots of products that have similar attributes then it is easier to mistake one for the other. But some products are so great that consumers find it hard to ignore them and try to get them whenever they are looking for such qualities. This is what branding does to products. We will discuss this matter with details in A Note on Branding Assignment Help at our website

Defining branding and its meaning:

But this branding isn’t something that is gained overnight. American Marketing Association has defined branding as:

“Branding is a symbol, name, design, term or any type of identification that builds a distinct position for that specific good from others when they are available in the market.”

Then Philip Kotler has defined:

“Branding is a name, design, term, symbol or may be all of them together on a product that is specifically the mark of the seller or sellers and stands apart from other competitors in the market.”

Through branding a unique image of the product is created in the mind of consumers. Through branding a product or a set of products are identified. The importance of this matter is found in marketing and selling strategies. The necessity of this tool can be learned from our A Note on Branding Assignment Help.

Elements of branding:

Brand needs few essential elements to fulfill its purposes. You will find these elements in A Note on Branding Assignment Help:

  1. Brand name: This is generally known as Product Brand. This simply stands for the product and the service.
  2. Trade name: Trade name or corporate brand helps in the promotion of the company.
  3. Brand mark: This is a special mark that is visible and not necessarily be a word.
  4. Trade mark:It can be a word, symbol, design or even a name that is protected by the Government legally.
  5. Trade characters: This is a specific character like an animal, animated character or similar that comes as the face of the product.

Strategies for branding:

There are some strategies involved in branding to improve sales. Almost all organizations using these methods which you can find from A Note on Branding Homework Help:

  • Brand extension:

The brand name remains same for some other products of one organization.

  • Brand licensing:

Here an organization let its brand name be used by some other companies.

  • Mixed branding:

Here manufacturer of one organization can work for some other production.

  • Co-branding:

Many brands are mixed together to have better qualities.

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