A Guide to Know the Negative Effects of Homework

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Students today are burdened with loads of homework. They hardly get any time for themselves. Earlier homework used to be a method where students just had to practice what they have learned in the class without much burden. But now the situation has completely changed. It has become a tool for creating stress amongst the students.

It will also help them to revise the concepts done in class and doing regular homework will help them to secure good grades in entire subjects.

Sometimes students are overloaded with homework in all the subjects, and apart from that they get regular assignments and projects as well. Schools should avoid giving so much of work because students are hardly getting any free time for themselves.

Instead,focus should be less on homework but more on interactive and skillful learning which can help in gaining knowledge. It is better for students if they are allotted less homework otherwise it leads to negativity part.

Here are some of the major negative effects of homework:

  1. It builds up stress and frustration

A lot of homework can lead to building up of stress and frustration amongst students. They may even not like to go to school anymore because of the constant homework pressure that they are getting. There is a competition to score good marks and how you do your homework has a major role in that because it is an essential factor to determine what grades you will get.

Lots of homework on a daily basis can make children even depressed as they spend so much of time in school and by the time they reach home they are exhausted. It can lead to a frustrated behavior and they may even behave rudely with their parents because of continuous pressure to complete their work on time.

  1. It hampers creativity and gives no time to focus on oneself

Too much of homework leaves no time to focus one self. It can damage the creativity level. Students need time for themselves. It is a very crucial age where they can explore so many creative ideas; they should go outdoors for playing games with friends, do some exercise, enjoy natural surroundings, and learn new things and so much more.

But tons of homework is definitely hampering their creativity level as they have no time left to look at other things and their own selves. It will hamper their overall development, imagination level, problem-solving ability and intuition. Children hardly take care of themselves and their needs if the homework pressure is too much.


  1. It leads to health related problems

Negative effects of homework can lead to much health related problems. It can lead to poor posture and pain in neck and shoulders if you are sitting for long hours for doing your homework.

Children get aheadache if they are stressed with too much of work. It can also lead to poor digestion and other stomach related problems; it can also lead to unexplained weight loss.

Students are now seen building up too much anxiety to complete their work in best possible manner. Thus the health related issues are many which are intensified by the quantity of homework a student gets.

  1. It can cause sleep deprivation

Too much of homework can make children sleep deprived. They may spend so many hours at night if they are getting loads of homework.

Sleep deprivation leads to many other health problems. If you don’t get a proper sleep, then you will not be able to concentrate the next day in class. Your attention will be diverted and you will feel sleepy. It can also lead to headaches and poor vision due to lack of proper rest. You will build up a high frustration level as well if you don’t get sufficient sleep.

  1. It can confine social interaction

If a student is always occupied with work, then he or she will hardly get any time for social interaction with friends, family and neighbors. They may even have very less conversation with their parents if they are always busy with their homework.

It can lead to creating a gap in their relationship. It can disturb their life balance, and they will lack social skills if the overall interaction is very less.

Thus all the above points will show you negative effects of homework where students have to face most of the problems along with lacking its concentration in other subjects. If students are allotted with a lot of homework for single subject, they will not able to focus on other subjects.

In some cases, you will also come across with such question.Is homework harmful or helpful essay?-This question will help you to find out the correct answer where students can come across with negative and positive effects of homework.