8 Unexpected Ways to Beat the Topper in Class Smartly

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Being a topper is easier than you feel. However, you have to work towards it. Irrespective of what your standard grades are you can improve your academic situation and grades. You would like to make the most of your academic year if you are a serious student.

No matter what your reasons to become the top student in your class are there are various ways you would like to improve yourself. Being the topper in class is more than simply making the grades. You would also have to be a good person and show that you have what it takes to be taken seriously in class. Here are some unexpected ways to beat the topper in class smartly.

  1. Take notes on each and everything

For most of the courses in junior/community College or high school, the majority of the content of homework and tests will be completely discussed in your class. If a diagram is drawn by your teacher on the board, copy it down. It can be useful for you to keep the info in mind. However, do not just copy down all that they write on the board. Try to understand everything while taking down the notes extensively.

  1. Set realistic goals

Keep in mind that your assignments should be given precedence over other things. Set realistic goals and ensure that you achieve them prior to going out and partying. Although your social life is also important, ensure that your academic works comes first. Do not be a recluse, as it would be unhealthy for you and can affect your grades as well. Keep up the grades while having a social life.

Do not move into uncharted territory with your assignments. Use all your notes to answer the queries of your teacher. In case you see something that your teacher might not agree to or you are not sure about, do not say it. Do it properly and check to ensure that you make no mistakes, so that there are no messes. At least once, you should look at your assignment before submitting it. Ask your teacher if you are not sure about something.

  1. Participate in quizzes

Getting A in quizzes is important, when you want to get good grades. Relax while taking the quizzes. In case you are worried or fidgety that you will fail in the quiz, you are likely to end up with a low score. In case, you studied it for so long as to know all the details, you should not be concerned about having a low grade. Other than participating in a quiz, complete your assignments according to your teacher’s instructions. You can increase your chances with an A+. Act calm and cool, and do not stress yourself.

  1. Organize your locker

Many people advise organizing the locker, but few students actually heed it. This is a helpful tip. When you organize your locker, you can remember to bring all your supplies to the class and take your studies and homework to your home.

Organize the notes, so that you can remember them easier and can understand them later on. It is also important to keep your study or desk space tidy, to ensure that you have a calm and clean place to study and finish homework in, away from the noise and din of your home.

  1. Have enough rest

Toppers actually work less. They work smart, and spend enough time to give themselves proper rest. Have sufficient sleep. You will need to sleep to remain focused. Otherwise, you will face a difficult time to stay on the task and forget all that you have learned. It is important to have enough sleep and nourish your body with a sumptuous breakfast. It can help you to remain focused.

Do not study at a stretch, and all in a single night. Study a little each day, given that your brain would be incapable of taking in a lot of information at the same time. Make points and call over a friend. Join a group discussion after class. If possible, you should get assistance from a friend or teacher from your class.

Try to introduce some fun into your studies as well. Many people feel that studying is boring or lame. You can create a board game to make your studies easy and fun. You may also type your notes up so that you find them easier to read. Do this as much as you can to ensure that you know all the important material.

  1. Establish good relationships with your teachers

Be respectful to your teachers and pay attention to them, as well as listen to their advice. This can help improve your grades. If you wish to be on the good book of your teacher, be respectful. This is the best way to begin. If other students are noticeably disrespectful, you will be able to stand out and become a favorite of your teacher fast.

Do not be disruptive. Do not simply pass the notes; joke and talk to your classmates, or move about a lot while your class teachers are talking. You should not skip your class, and be completely punctual. Be polite while talking to them. Address your teachers as Sir or Ma’am and use polite words such as ‘Thank You’ and ‘Please’. Use the words convincingly and do not make your teachers feel as if you are making fun of them.

  1. Ask the right questions

Teachers want their students to be serious, and like it when they ask them questions. It can tell them that you are actually paying attention in class. It also shows that you find their lectures to be interesting, and that you enjoy the subject.

They love to feel useful and smart, and assistive to students. Asking the right questions about studies will make your teacher like you more. The more your teacher likes you, the more he will provide you with useful references and suggestions that can improve your studies.

For instance, if your teacher is discussing Avogadro’s number and chemistry, ask how you should memorize the numbers. Keep in mind that you should never ask unnecessary questions. Do not ask a question just for the sake of asking. Otherwise, your teacher will be annoyed and feel irritated at you for trying to hog the attention.

  1. Be an assistive student

Other than being a good student, you should also try to be assistive in every possible way. Never start an argument or a fight. You should try to solve problems that come up. Try to help your teacher with various tasks, such as making copies, handing out papers etc, whatever seems to be appropriate.

You should watch your teachers closely to determine the things that they focus on, and use the same means for learning the information! Take notes if your teacher writes on the blackboard. You may also record the entire lecture to listen to them as many times as you want.

These are simple tips that might not look like much, but can prove to be very useful for you in beating the reigning topper in your class. As it goes, slow and steady wins the race.