8 Outstanding Tips to Stay Popular in Your High School

06 Jul 8 Outstanding Tips to Stay Popular in Your High School

Popularity in school is something every student craves for. Socialisation is something which very few students can achieve. It is not very difficult to be a popular figure, but it is definitely an intimidating experience to retain one.

Now you may have certain questions in your mind regarding the popularity aspect. You may have questions like what is the difference between an ordinary student and a popular student. Why popular gets noticed and get better opportunities than the rest of the students? And much more!The reason is very plain and simple. They are popular!

If you too want to know how you can get popular and retain it in your high school, you just need to follow these following steps.

8 ways to stay popular in your High school

  1. Count on your Confidence

Perfection can never be counted if you are not confident about yourself. Nobody is perfect in this world. The aspect which is important is how you can stand strong with your imperfection. When you believe in yourself, the world believes in you.

You cannot expect to be popular and stay so if you cower in a corner instead of basking in the limelight. Just enjoy the confidence like a second skin without crossing the line of overconfidence. Let your attitude and body language do all the talking.

  1. Don’t fake it

“Be the one who you are and not someone else.”

Your friends and teachers know who you are. If you try to fake your personality, it will not help you. How can you live up to the expectations of a fake person when you don’t know who the person is?

A person can only be charming when they accept their own amazingness. When you are yourself, you attract people from different fields with different interest and likings. Every person has a sixth sense in them. They can differentiate when a person is being honest about themselves and when they are trying to be fake it.

Open up your abilities and allow people to see what matters to you most. You need to remember that a change in yourself is for finite days. If you want to be popular, don’t feign it.

  1. Stand for yourself when you require it

If you let everybody walk on you to get popular, you will never get what you desire the most. Popularity doesn’t mean that you have to get showcased in every occasion or event. Making real friends is also important if you want to be known as a popular face in your high school.

Being friendly with everyone is a good thing, but you should do it when you really mean it. Feigning friendliness just so that they like you won’t help you earn respect from them. If any action or word from anyone barges your comfort zone or makes you feel low, it is better to let them know their mistakes. Convey your thoughts without the use of any irrational sentence or name calling.

  1. Be an Active Interactor

If you don’t come out of your shell how will you meet new friends? Interacting and making small talks have its own advantage. Not only it makes you noticeable among new people in your school, but also it helps to make a move out of your comfort zone.

You can engage people with small conversations like asking about their hobbies, favourite food, actors or actresses, and even by cracking jokes. Your motive should be trying to break the ice with your communication and not bombarding with questionnaires. Remember, you are interacting and not playing “Who wants to be a Millionaire?”

  1. Don’t copy… create your own Style

If you think wearing a torn jeans or t-shirt, dyeing your hair green or have a tattoo on your neck makes you look cooler; you are wrong.Style doesn’t always mean what a person wears. It means their attitude and its presentation which makes them stand out. You don’t need to buy tonnes of trendy clothes to be a style statement.

You can mix and match your regular clothes only making changes in the wearing style. Instead of wearing shredded skinny fit jeans, you can wear a darker shade of slacks. This will make your legs leaner without that gung-ho look. You need to be confident in what you wear. Just embrace your inner style.

  1. Smile and talk and ready to help

If you think smiling at people makes you look stupid, you are mistaken. Before a student starts socialising with people he or she needs to understand that a correct approach is a must when they start doing so. When you give a genuine smile, you make others feel welcome through your approach. You make them feel that they a part of your friendly circle.

A high school is a place where people usually have judgmental thoughts about others. If you can direct your positive vibe through your smile and convey that you are always ready to help, this will attract maximum people towards you. There is no humongous effort in being friendly and communicate with different people, but the impact is great.

  1. Participate in Debates and Activity Clubs

Joining in various academic and non-academic clubs can be a good platform to showcase your skills. When you meet with students of different diversity, you are able to expand your horizons of your expertise and charm. Don’t try to categorise any of the club participation to be interesting or boring. The more participation you will have in these clubs, the more popular you will be.

  1. Impeccable dressing and good Hygiene

Dressing well for your school is regarded as one of the most important aspects of being popular. Be it in real life or in sitcoms, you will never see a sloppily dressed person becoming the favourite of everyone. In fact, when a student is dressed well, people have high thinking about them.

In some or other way, proper dressing also helps you to get both respect and fame.The fit of your clothes may be according to your comfortability but try to maintain the accurate size of your dress. You don’t need to buy expensive dresses to be fit in the social circle. But good quality clothes can serve better than of cheaper quality. You should see that your clothes are clean, wrinkle free and spotless.

Apart from good dressing, you need to keep your body clean. Showering, brushing and smelling good can make a person more admirable. Proper hygiene maintenance displays the fact that you respect and take care of your body. This is one of the main factors which make people more approachable.

Methods of gaining popularity don’t get over with these few tips. If you want to know more about the different approaches which can help you to be popular, you can go through certain professional academic websites which can help you achieve it.Till then be confident and stay who you are. Follow these steps and stay popular in your high school!