8 Must-Haves Before Embarking on Online Essay Writing

07 Mar 8 Must-Haves Before Embarking on Online Essay Writing

“In the world of expression, you only fail when you stop writing.”

I have always been a lonely child and have been finding solace in the imaginary world where my ideas and words have been my motivator teaching me the mantra of success.

‘Don’t give up.’

Writing is the best form of expression when you want to put your unique ideas in front of everyone. Writing an online essay is one of the best ways to put that ‘never say never’ attitude in yourself. You may find writing to be a tedious work but in reality, it is not so.

How can you find something difficult if you have not put your complete effort and interest to it? Writing essays can be way more fun if you know the correct approach to fulfilling it.

You need to honestly ask yourself few questions before you begin writing your online essay.

8 points to remember before you start writing essays

  1. Why should you do it?

Like the statement of every criminal case, ‘behind every crime, there lies a strong motive.’ In the same way, before you start with any planning or execute what you have planned, you should have a clear concept of why you want to write an online essay.

Is it just because you are given an academic homework or do you wish to persuade or recommend your facts and findings to your teachers and to the audience who will be reading your work?

If you just take it as an academic liability, trust me, it won’t bear you any fruitful result. It is your choice and preference which can take your online essay a notch up than your regular writing.

When you question its purpose to yourself if you have an actual interest, you can actually influence the audience with your writing style, structure and format.

  1. Know your Reader

Suppose you like hamburger and I don’t. But you are trying to force feed me. My automatic reaction would be to scoot away from you as quickly as possible.

Similar to the case of food, you need to have a clear and proper understanding of what exactly your audience require from you.

‘You need to serve them exactly what they prefer.’ This phrase has always been the holy grail of online writing.  If my targeted audience has a preference toward Greek mythology, I should be giving them information exactly what they need.

I cannot start with Greek mythology and then deviate from it to any other branch of mythological aspect. This willdefinitely discourage my readers.

From the next time, they may not go through the details of my online work or just give a scanning look to it and then jump to another blog for more information. So you need to figure out your targeted audience beforehand and make preparations towards it.

  1. Devise your Work

If I want to run a marathon and win it, I cannot do so in the finale without any prior preparation. In order tosucceed, I need to make a planner for myself to achieve the desired result.

Likewise, if you do not do a systematic research related to your essay topic, and no preceding plans to accomplish it,you cannot expect to give your best. Nothing can be more useful if you can follow your work according to a flowchart.

You can follow a generalised idea of which portion to take account of initially and which all others to be arranged consequently. Before jumping towards the final go, you can make necessary changes if you find any flaws while you are planning to pen down your words.

  1. Freeze your Time!

What! Don’t you believe me? Well, ok. It is an impossible feat, but you can channelize your time to make the impossible feat nearly possible.

You need to strategize your entire schedule before you sit for your planning.You need to fix a specific time for your research, your planning, a certain period for jotting down your ideas and finally for writing your main essay.

You can check for some amazing online essay writing tips in How to become better at online essay writing in 10 minutes?

  1. Be an ‘Essay Whisperer.’

Essay Whisperer! This may sound so weird. But you need to understand what your essay question is all about? If I don’t understand what the essay is all about and create an entire topic just revolving around the title, the effort will be a complete waste of time.

You need to sit and analyse what exactly your essay topic is all about. When you figure out the actual significance of the topic, you can break it down for a more helpful tactic before your essay completion.

  1. Materialistic Systematisation

It is not the name of a science fiction movie. It is the next step after you have completed the initial four stages. After all the research and planning and time management work are done, you need to slow down your pace by a little bit. I, usually reassess everything that I do before writing the final version of my online essay. It helps me to identify miniscule mistakes and add or remove details from areas like themain body of the essay, the introduction part and the conclusion portion.

This is the time when you can think of an out of the way title for your essay which can attract more readers. You can also touch up few details here and there to make your essay a remarkable piece of work.

  1. What do you wish to Convey?

When writing an online essay, you cannot write anything in a directionless way. Your audiences are not mind-readers. They will only understand what you will explain to them. After your essay is complete, you cannot leave its conclusion hanging without any message or any call to action. This creates a negative impression in the readers’ mind which will lead them to a questionable zone ‘Does the writer really know what exactly is he/she is writing or trying to convey?’

Your mode of expression needs to be crisp and clear so that your views can directly reach to your readers.

  1. Final checks… Secrets!

Before publishing your essay online, you need to follow the three important secrets which are:

i> Editing

ii> Proofreading

iii> Copywriting

I can definitely assure you that these three tips can take your online essay to the next level. Your essay will be grammatically error free.

In this current of cut throat completion, if you are anything less than best, you are doomed! Well, pooh! It isn’t so old school.

If you wish, you can get lots of help from various professional websites which can give you to many more tips to before you begin your online essay writing.