8 Mistakes That Students Make While Preparing for an Exam

23 Mar 8 Mistakes That Students Make While Preparing for an Exam

Are you biting nails? Is your heart beating fast? Worried about the grades or passing nights without sleep? You often have to go through this when your exam dates are knocking the door and all of sudden you realise that you are not well prepared. Now the question is how to fight back exam blues? Even you are well prepared but still somewhere a voice from your heart whispers in your ear that this time either you might be failing or you will be unable to beat your competitors that might disappoint your teachers, educators or parents.

Here I am going to share the mistakes that students often do before the exams that ruin your preparation.

8 mistakes that you do while preparing for exams

  1. Lack of planning-

Many students are unable to plan their schedule accordingly. They fail to allocate specific time to particular topics as well as each subject that makes them unable to prepare certain important topics. These results them getting lower grades so students should always work out a study plan before exams.

  1. Forcing yourself to stay inside the four walls-

Locking yourself inside the study rooms will not excel your grades, on the contrary, it will make you perform poorly in exams. Never forget that your brain has limited capacity to learn so don’t try to compel your brain to take extra pressures. Take a break between studies, go for jogging or walking. This will allow you to release a chemical secretion “endorphins” that will improve your confidence.

  1. Last minute preparation-

Always avoids mugging everything just before examination. Many researchers revealed that preparing a day before exam pack your brain with more than required information thus making you feel exhausted and your brain restless thereby affecting your long term memory.

  1. Passing sleepless night-

Don’t forget that your brain is a machine, so it need to rest before it starts working for the next day. Studying long hours during nights will not bring any fruitful results. Always try to sleep at least 7-8 hours during nights and if possible take a small nap during a daytime. It enhances your brain to work faster.

  1. Avoid taking excess beverages like coffee-

There is a misconception that drinking coffee will keep your brain alert and study more. Students often make this mistake especially during exams. Common! Everything has some limit. You are advised to take moderate amount of beverages.

  1. Lack of practice-

“Practice makes a man perfect”. Yes, you should practice more and more before you sit for exams. Reading the topic is not enough. You should practice writing along with it because it has been disclosed by many scientists that writing makes you memorise things faster.

  1. Thinking about final grades-

Many students keep on thinking of their final outcomes instead of preparing. Stop thinking about future and concentrate on your present. Do remember every single minute counts before exams.

  1. Don’t rely on too many books-

Students often read varieties of books with the same topic to beat their mates and rank higher in class. Relying on too many books for the same topic is not advisable as different authors have different views and their writing differs from each other that may build a shield between you and your understanding.

Avoid these mistakes and makes your grade higher. Enjoy the exam as it is the only way to prove yourself that you are the best.