7 Tips to Improve Student – Teacher Relationship

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The relationship between a teacher and a student is looked at as one of the most respectful and sacred relationships to have ever existed. The stronger this relationship is the more successful student will be as far as his or her academics are concerned.

If a good friendly relationship between teacher and student exists, then it will make matters a lot easier for both teacher as well as student. Under such circumstances, the student will be able to share his or her problems openly with his or her teacher and thus, this bond will very well be reflected in the answer script.

In the event that a teacher is unable to establish a strong bond with his or her students, especially in the senior classes, then there is a high probability that he or she won’t have much students. As in senior classes, students often tend to look for a teacher who will understand their problems both inside and outside the four walls of a classroom.

Top 7 tips that ought to improve your relationship with your students

One of the major problems that teachers, especially the young ones face with their students is that students don’t open up to them as far as their doubts and queries are concerned.

Well, if you want your students to open up to you, the first and foremost thing you must focus on is building a strong teacher – student relationship. If you are able to accomplish this, things ought to become a lot easier.

However, you haven’t been able to do so yet, you might as well take the following tips into consideration as they will definitely help you in improving your relationship with your students.

Listed below are some of the most useful tips that you will ever come across:

  • Getting introduced:

One of the first things that a teacher must do, as soon as, he or she steps into a new class at the beginning of an academic session is to introduce himself or herself. Next, the teacher must ask each student about themselves, a brief introduction ought to suffice.

It is often preferable not to start teaching at the very first class. Instead, it would be a hell lot better if the first class is spent in getting to know one another and not hurrying onto the topics of their syllabus.

  • Get to know each other:

One of the primary things that both the teacher, as well as the student, must try to accomplish is to speak to each other on a daily basis so that both the individuals can get to know each other a lot better. It’s not a bad idea to share personal experiences with your student/ teacher.

This will only aid in ensuring that the bond that binds the two of you is stronger than ever. In addition to this, it will also ensure that both of you are well acquainted with the pros and cons of each other. It often so happens that students are afraid to approach a teacher with their problems as the teacher doesn’t appear to be too friendly from the outside.

Hence, it is extremely important for the teacher to take the first step in order to ensure that his or her bond with students is strong enough.

  • Reading what the students has written:

It often so happens that the teachers don’t even read the home tasks that they had assigned for their students. This, in turn, results in loss of respect on the part of students and also gives them a reluctant approach towards their home tasks. If the teacher isn’t responsible enough, then it is for certain the even student won’t be too responsible.

  • Appreciation:

Teachers should make it a point to appreciate every effort that students put in. This will not only keep the relationship between teacher and student warm but at the same time it will also give student a positive impression on the teacher. As a result, it is for certain that student will pay the utmost attention in the class.

Most importantly, students will also learn to appreciate the efforts put in by the teacher. This form of mutual appreciation ought to bring about mutual respect which is extremely important in any form of relationship.

  • Teacher’s Feedback on the classroom:

Students are often curious about what the teacher’s remark is in the class. Well, this may not sound that important, but it actually is, especially if you are to consider students who belong to the junior standards.

Students of junior classes tend to get carried away if the teachers give them good remarks. Moreover, this also keeps the relationship extremely healthy.

  • Weekly reflection:

The teacher must ask your students about their problems that they are facing with whatever has been taught on a weekly basis. This is extremely beneficial for both students as well as teachers.

If you are looking to establish a strong bond with your students, you might as well approach students individually. If you want to get to know your students better, nothing can be more fruitful than one on one conversation.

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