7 Common Excuses for Late Homework Given by Students

24 Mar 7 Common Excuses for Late Homework Given by Students

“Success doesn’t come to you; you’ve got to go to it.” Therefore, when you are assigned with homework it becomes your ultimate duty to complete it on time. Though it is debatable whether homework is at all beneficial to students r not, certainly when your institute is still assigning the work you have to do it. While in school you need to stay attentive and cautious. Teachers are supposed to check homework from time to time and it is essential for every student to complete it within time.

7 common excuses for late homework

Students often give excuses for late homework. This is because they either do not like the subject or find homework to be a boring activity. So, if you are literally not interested in doing homework, then certainly at some point you might have sighted such excuses in front of teacher:

  1. Extra-curricular activities

If you are already involvedin any active sports, then there is a possibility of having short of time. You might not find a chance to do homework. Though this can be an excuse to portray in front of teacher, but still it is usually advised to do atask which can add to their academic value.

  1. Genuinely ill

Though, there is a possibility of getting online help which turns out to be genuine. But still students usually opt for excuses for not doing homework. You can state the problem of falling ill. You might lie in bed with fever and this can restrict you from doing assignments. This is truly a genuine problem, but students can fake their illness for late homework.

  1. Forgot to bring notebook

The most common excuses for late homework are that you forgot to bring notebook to school. If you are a first timer in such case, then this trick would definitely work well. Usually, students forget to bring notebook when they are in a rush. Teachers can trust students on such account. But, it is not logical every time so you need to be careful about it.

  1. Not feeling well

It is evident that any disease and infections do not come with any invitations and teachers will certainly understand your problem. So, if you are unable to complete the work because of sickness, then the teachers will definitely not punish you. Even teachers would understand that students may have health issues which can be a satisfactory reason.

  1. Unable to understand topic

One of the excuses for late homework can be that you fail to understand the assigned topic. This is the reason that depends on what topicis given to you for homework. If your work is not properly explained in class, then it is impossible to come up with accurate write-up. There is a chance that your topic may be quite difficult and this is why you find problem.

  1. Tell the truth

We are all aware that there is no such genuine reason which can easily convince your teacher and professor for not completing the task. It is said, “The expert in anything was once a beginner”. If you make excuses every time, then you might surely be caught. But, sometimes you can give reason for escaping from homework. Giving the true reason can convince teacher and you can build up sense of trust and would appreciate your sincerity.

  1. Printer stopped functioning

While looking for excuses for late homework, you can certainly say about printer being non-functional at the end time. This is direct and clear which proves that though homework is done, but you cannot take out the print out due to problem in printing machine. Though, there is a chance of raisingquestion on your accountability as you have chances to take out print from your friend’s printer.

Students do not do their homework

What are the few good excuses for forgetting homework? You need to learn about different excuses which can keep you aloof from doing assignment. It is often found that homework appears to be very boring. Every student would surely understand this feeling. You need to give some extra time so that it becomes convenient enough to develop aninterestinsubject.

In case of excuses for late homework you can state that you are unable to understand the instructions given. Though there is a chance of finding the instructions written on board and pre-teaching the language that can be used in workbook. You may have to do similar exercise at home, but still due to lack of understanding on the pattern of writing you may fail to do so.

Often reactions found that the subject or topic is too difficult to handle within shortperiod of time. Students need to do their homework for a short duration which often restricts them to come up with quality work. The work should be easy for every student to handle.