5 Ways to Make Your Homework Creative and Interesting

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Homework can be dull and boring job at times. But it’s an unavoidable component of school life. The entire purpose of giving the assignment to be done at home is to enable students to develop their thought process and give the teacher an idea about how much of the subject taught in class has been grasped and understood by the student.

Homework is an essential part of school life- that’s understood. But what if you just don’t like doing your homework? Well, then rather than complaining, the best thing you can do is figure out creative and interesting ways to go about it.

Here are few tips and suggestions that would help you to add the flavour of fun and creativity in your daily activity of doing homework:

  1. Develop listening as a skill

If your homework comprises of something that needs to be memorized, then you’ll have to read it again and again till it goes deep into your brain and gets embedded there. This is quite a boring job and most of the times students end up not doing this and eventually it gets reflected in their grades.

Now, here’s an interesting idea to get rid of boredom and at the same time smartly do your job. You can record the content of what you need to memorize and then keep listening to it repeatedly. This can be done even in futile times when you’re traveling. This way not only will you learn your subject but also will be able to utilize your travel time.

And as far as the free time would be left due to assignment being completed in travel time, you can probably play and have fun in that time as well!

  1. Relax yourself while studying

If your homework involves a subject which is more of concept and logic based, then you need deep concentration and understanding to grasp the matter.

With small distractions, this isn’t possible. Moreover, at times things that seem difficult stress you out and then owing to the stress, the gateway to the logic and understanding part of your brain gets blocked.

  • Music to soothe your mind and body

In such instances, you can take help of soft and soothing music to relax your mind, body and soul which will automatically make your brain more inclined to concept based subjects.

For this, you can pick music which is instrumental since most people tend to get swayed by lyrics of songs. If you are among the few who get distracted by music, then you can avoid this and make use of other ways to make your home assignments a pleasure.

  • Small breaks in between

Long hours of studying definitely tire you. Therefore, you should indulge in small power breaks which will distress you so that you can start again afresh. But for this, it’s better to divide your work into portions and target it to complete in one continuous session, after which you would be entitled to a well-deserved break.

  • Meditate when stressed

We all know the innumerable benefits of meditation. When your mind and body is stressed, it’s difficult to concentrate and the same workload takes you double the time to finish. In such a scenario, you should invest your invaluable time in meditation rather than whipping your brains with the assignments.

After a few minutes of meditation, you’ll be refreshed and then you’ll enjoy doing your homework much more. Meditation helps in better memory and attention which are the key elements required while you’re doing your homework.

Moreover, this will open your creative mind which will give you further ideas on how to make your homework fun and interesting.

  1. Make power point presentations

You can invest your time in making power point presentations for the given topic. Not only will this brush up your knowledge in the concerned area, but also will enhance your skills in making power points which would greatly help you in your future endeavours.

Once you have your power point ready, you could do mock presentations which will again reinforce the content in your mind.

Power point presentation is just one of the many ways. You can opt instead for

  • Make a collage
  • Create a flowchart or diagrammatic representation
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Hold group discussions or debate
  • Make a video
  • Write related script and perform it
  1. Make use of technology

Thanks to the digital world we stay in, there’s been a lot of development in the field of technology. This technology has also been instrumental in learning and education. You can find a lot of learning apps which can be put to good use in making learning and homework easier for you.

For example, there’s homework in mathematics which you are not able to do since you’re not able to understand the concept.In this case, all you need to do is install these learning apps, log on to them and you’ll find wide array of materials which will make it simpler for you to get the knack of the concept.

In fact, you can also type the topic on YouTube and expect to find several useful videos on the same. These videos uploaded by the public have a share of their experiences along with the subject which makes learning part much easier.

Get a homework companion

You’ve heard it often, ‘A friend in need is friend indeed.’ Now, apply this well-known philosophy to your homework and you’ll soon find that interest is your academics are growing multiple folds.

With friends, you can have discussions and questionnaire which will help you both mutually. There are several advantages of having to do homework together with a friend.

  • Greater value of time

Considering that both need to finish their work, the importance of time sets in. When alone you might get distracted but a study partner keeps you motivated to adhere to your academic venture.

  • Help when you slip

At times, you end up wasting lot of time in trying to understand a particular topic. This takes up your entire time and energy leaving you with an exhausted mind and other pending assignments as well. Here, your companion comes to rescue.

If they know the particular topic well, they can take you through and it will save your time, energy and effort. As for your companion, it would help him or her in revision and better learning. This role could be reversed as there might be a topic where you might have abetter understanding than your study partner. This symbiotic relationship would certainly take you both to improved performance.

  • Healthy competition

When you see your friend speeding up and finishing their work, you too feel like doing the same. This sets a positively competitive environment which only results in better outcomes.

These are just a few suggestions but with time you yourself can find other interesting ways to make your homework an enjoyable experience. The key here lays in breaking the monotony which only an open and creative mind can do.

Going out of the traditional way and reinventing newer approaches to homework and learning will definitely enhance your performance. This will give you better understanding and loads of self-confidence which are elements that will help you not only in the short term but also in the long term.