5 Tips to Buy More Time for Your Overdue Homework

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Do you want to buy more time for your overdue homework? If yes, then you just need to understand your situation and work accordingly. Now, do you think you need tips to buy more time for your pending homework? The reason of this may be anything as overloaded work or lack of time, but the important thing is how to complete it now.

Do you need some time? What should you tell your teacher or faculty so that you can easily take time for your work in extra? Be aware of some tips to make your knowledge effective and perfect. Let’s know about some tips to clear your views. You will get a positive solution with these tips. These are as follows:

  1. Say the truth that why you need some time

It is very important for you to understand that if there is some reason for which you did not complete your homework, then you must tell your teacher about that.

Many times you need extra time for every reason which is not controllable. It means you cannot control that like a sudden pain in stomach, minor accident, any immediate reason for going somewhere in emergency and many other reasons.

Now, in that case, if you tell the truth to your faculty, then he will give you the best solution as in emergency case any faculty will give time to the student. So, in this case, you just need to tell the truth.

  1. You can take time by giving some excuses related to health problems

One of the excuses that students make if they feel that the particular faculty will not take much proof related to it like medical prescription or certificate for your health problem. Now, if you don’t have proof, then you may have to adjust it or change that excuse by any other. However, if any student thinks that health problem can give a positive solution, then he can easily use this tip to a particular faculty.

  1. Request simply for an extension

Be careful about buying your time, and this one is very important that if you need some time, then just request your faculty to extend time. So, ask for more time, but it must be suitable for your assignment. If students request for an extra time, then they should ask, “May I get one more day for completing my assignment?