5 Steps to End the Daily Battle of Homework Solving

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‘‘Life is either a great adventure or nothing.’’ We all love adventures, isn’t it? Well, there are some adventures which we get to experience every day. And that which we get daily, often turns to be bitter and sour. And one of these boring and tedious adventures is homework. It is an adventure which we all have to overcome in order to succeed in life.

Homework is an adventure where students and parents have to undergo several battles. Ever since the formal education has been introduced, there has been homework. And solving homework and assignments, has never been an easy affair.

Do you have children in your house who go to school? If the answer to this question is yes, then my friend I know the problems in your life. The evenings in your homes are mostly that of a nightmare. This is because once your child returns from school, the whole house takes the form of a battlefield, where your child is on one side and you along with the other elders in the house are on the other side. And both of these sides battle for solving the never-ending issue of homework.

You may now be wondering how come I am so aware of the scenario of your household. You may think that I am a parent who has been witnessing the same situation in my house. There are many who would consider me to be a teacher, narrating complains which other parents report me. The answer to this great doubt of yours is that I am a mixture of both.

Not only am I a high-school teacher, but I am also the parent of a child who is into her initial years of formal education. Thus, I know the story of these homework battles from both sides. There was a time when I kept on assigning homework to my students with immediate submission deadlines. It was a time when I expected that my students would easily complete their assignments without any major hassle. And now that I am a parent of a student, I understand what it takes to handle these homework hassles!

It is true that we cannot stop the burden of homework anyway. But what we can do is to handle this pressure effectively so that we can stop fighting with our children over a mere issue of homework. Considering this urgent need, I have thought of certain steps through which homework hassles can be tackled easily.

Steps to end the homework battle:

  1. Built a comfortable study place free from distractions-

It is very important that you have a place set for your child where he can comfortably do his homework. Students need to do their homework in a place which is free from any unwanted disturbances. This is because it is important that they have proper focus on their work. Check that they do not indulge into any multi-tasking while doing their assignment.

Ensure that the place you have set for studying is free from all kind of distractions and noise which can come from devices like mobile phones, laptops, television sets, music system, etc.

  1. Prepare a schedule

One of the biggest problems that students face while solving their homework is that it becomes difficult for them to manage time effectively. They find it hectic to concentrate on homework with the pressure of finishing the work on time. At times, the students are so overburdened with their homework that they are unable to take out time for all homework.
You can overcome this problem by preparing a time-table. Make a schedule where you divide time for all works based on their priority. You can even ask your child to prepare the schedule for himself. This will help him to develop the time-management skill. You can even ask him for dividing the lengthy work into parts so that it becomes easy for him to solve the work.

  1. Understanding the basics in detail-

Teachers give assignments on the basis of what they have taught in the class. However, there are students who do not pay proper attention in class. Thus, when they start solving the assignment, it becomes difficult to understand what their teacher expects from the homework.

Without a proper understanding of the topic and its concepts, it is impossible for the student to solve his homework. In such cases, he needs assistance. If you have command in the subject, you can help your child with his assignment. You can even ask him to take help from his teacher the next day. However, if the assignment has a next day submission, you can avail help from any online educational website.

  1. Stop pressurizing your child-

There are parents who put pressure on their child for securing better grades. It is good to motivate students for better performance. But ensure that your motivation does not sound like an additional pressure. This is because there are students who often get into stress when they are unable to handle pressure.

If you feel that your child should know how to do his homework without any stress, then you need to refer to- Effective strategies for Stress-Free Homework.

  1. Talk to the teacher-

Parents should always be in touch with the teachers so that they come to know about their child’s performance. Since students spend a long period of time in school, the teachers are well aware of the traits of their students. A parent who keeps track of his child’s performance can develop his child for better performance in exams.

 Now make effective use of these strategies and ensure that you have a peace and calm environment in your household. Time to bid good-bye to the homework hassles!