5 Reasons How Teachers, Parents and Online Services Help Learners

11 Jun 5 Reasons How Teachers, Parents and Online Services Help Learners

A student or a learner requires support, will, interest and help from his/her surroundings to become all what he desires. No matter in what field you are and how strong your interest is, it requires some help whether emotional, financial, or moral. The main parts played in students’ life are their parents and teachers. The present century is marking the era of “internet worms”. Many students are also using it for helping themselves out for educational purposes.

We cannot deny the fact that, our parents and teachers put a lot of effort in our academics. They stay by our side whenever we require their help. Without their help and efforts, it is difficult to pull off any work in life.

In academics, students require both intellectual and emotional help. Here I will state some ways in which the parents, teachers and online services help learners.

Five ways in which teachers help learners

Teachers play a vital role in a student’s life. They are the important reasons for their success. If a teacher is supporting and helping the students all his academic life, it is sorted that, he/she will perform anytime better.

Here are five ways in which students get help from teachers-

  1. Proficient guidance

A teacher is expert in his work; he provides proficient help to the students. If a student is in need or having problem understanding the subject, he consults the teacher. A teacher never says ‘No’. He tries to help the students in the best ways possible making the academic life easier for them.

  1. Care for every learner

It is not only academic help, which we seek from a teacher; it also involves the little care, which students often require. It may be emotional support or advices to perform better. Their care makes a student feel home at school. He/she feels better and important of his existence in school, which makes scoring easier and enhance the confidence of a student.

  1. Help in assignments and homework

When a student fails to understand the assignments or homework, the first person for help that goes to, is the teacher. He facilitates his knowledge in the subject and helps him to score better in future.

  1. Set high expectations

If a teacher is setting his/her expectations high from you, it means he considers you one of the best. Expectations from teachers motivate you and push to towards performing well for his high expectations. The only reason for his expectations is your intelligence and hard work, which helps you to attain better grades in exams.

  1. Impart knowledge of outer world

Not everything of knowledge is written in books; a teacher helps and prepares you for the world after school. He/she does not only explain you what is in the book, but something beyond that too. His knowledge is not limited to books and labs but he has experienced the world out of school. With his experience, he makes you ready for the globe waiting for you out of school.

Five ways in which parents help learners

Parents help can never be ignored. Efforts put by them in their children’s life to impart them education and independent. We can never judge or count the number of helps we seek from them and the times they made efforts to create something better out of us.

However, in a learner’s life, parents’ role is a significant one. Five of them are-

  1. Emotional support during examinations

Every student seeks emotional support from parents especially during the time of examinations, where you tend to get nervous and depressed. In such situations, parents are the only emotional and moral support for their children. Extreme emotional support makes you confidence and helps you perform better in exams.

  1. Assistance in assignments and examination

Many parents help their children in their assignments and examinations so that they score better. They facilitate a better understanding in subject matter, which make assignments easier and interesting with such assistance.

  1. Financial support in academics and extracurricular activities

The fact that parents facilitate the education for their children and bear their expenses is very practical. There is no doubt that, without their financial support in academics and extracurricular activities, it is difficult to stand and gain name and knowledge.

  1. Build their social skills

Parents help their children to develop not only academic knowledge but also social knowledge too. School does not only mean scoring A’s in exams, it is about learning how to get along with others. Those “others” could be of any cast, creed, race, states etc. to socialize with them irrespective of their background is what is thought to children only by their parents.

  1. Make them independent

When a child feels as if they are gaining knowledge and becoming self-sufficient, this makes them more confident of their abilities. This confidence is farther enhanced by parents’ support and guidance. After this realization, a parent must make sure that, they allow the children to do their chores themselves and make effort to know the world on their own, without nagging.

Five ways in which online services help learners

Online services, is the present knowledge gainer for students. They find it easier to seek help from such sites rather than from their school or subject teachers. For example- Students find 9 Common Biology questions students ask| With answers or any other subject for that matter.     There are reasons how these sites help students and why they seek help from them. They are-

  1. All round the clock service

There are situations when you are facing troubles in assignments in the mid- night and there is no one around to help. In such cases,online services for homework come to your rescue. They are available to help all round the clock without causing much hassles they help you with authentic data.

  1. Authentic research details in assignments

Online services help students with authentic data after heavy researches and analyzing subject matter. They provide core data for the assignments, which help a learner to score better grade in assignments and homework.

  1. Expert help

Such sites offer expert assistance and advices to perform better in assignments and examination. They hire best professionals in the respective fields. Help from such expert results in better understanding of the subject and authentic view from someone out of school.

  1. Third party review

Online sites that provide services for helping students in assignments provide third party review for them. Students after completing the assignments seek third party review from such sites and get important tips from them on their assignments. It facilitates corrections before submitting the final assessment to teachers.

  1. Better grades in assignments

There are instances that prove that, with the help from such sites students are scoring better in their assignments paper. Such sites facilitate better results by judging the quality of work of students and provide tricks and advices to enhance the quality for better marks. Students who follow the advices scores better with such help.

Therefore, parents, teachers and online services, with the help of these 3 important assets a learner is polished in his work and performs better in his/her academic life. Help from these, not only help in uplifting the knowledge in academics but also in general.