5 Quick Last Minute Revision Tips for English University Assignments

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Today education is recognized as career-oriented by most of the people. Proper education helps us to build a bright career. The important part of education is getting information, assimilation, and its application. We need to know the application of all our learning for making a good career.

Assignment is a common term to all the students for learning the application of that we have learnt in school, colleges and university. And it is the best way to judge the concept of the subjects and their abilities to project their innovative ideas about the topic through assignments.

University thesis is given to the final year’s students of Master’s and Ph. D., for judging their concept, perfection and skills on the subject before announcing their final result.  So it has a great significance to the students, and they always try to give their best to achieve good academics.

University assignment

As universities provide different types of courses so assignments too differ from each other and they are categorised in different types such as:

  • Course work – writing like essays or book reports
  • Writing research papers – For subjects like Physics, Economics, History, etc.
  • Thesis – For final year D. students
  • Case study – For the students of business, management, finance, life science and social science,

English assignments

These assignments are in ‘course work’ group. Students need to work hard for doing the best English assignments in university level as these play a vital role in getting good marks and grade, which are most important for achieving a good academic career and a bright future.

For making their English university assignment,the best students need to focus on-

  • Recourses

Student needs to collect good materials from different books, journals, magazines, newspapers and other written documents to make their writing contemporary and relevant to the topic so that they can score well.

  • Assemble

Proper arrangement of the collected materials is one of the most important parts of making an assignment the best. So students must know the right chronological manner for arranging the information in their assignment or else they will lose their significance.

  • Explanation

Right logic and proper explanation always give a big support to your writings. So, students,you must try to explain your views perfectly so that your teachers can understand your thoughts and ideas. You can give some real life examples; these will make your writing contemporary, relevant and livelier. Hence, your effort can achieve a huge appreciation.

  • Language and vocabularies

Students must work hard on the language and vocabulary for doing English university assignment, as it is an art topic. Hence, it is mainly based on language and literature. Here students require an essay writing skills as they have to write lots of relevant information in their English assignment.

If you do not have sufficient knowledge of language and literature, if you have a poor vocabulary then you have to suffer a lot. You will be unable to write a proper sentence by your own, you have to depend on other’s writings, and your writing will lose its innovativeness.

  • Deadline

Assignment and deadline are deeply involved in each other. Your best making assignment loses all its significance if you are unable to submit it on time. Students you can understand from the above points that you have to spend a lot of time for doing your English university assignment so you must start early, use the time wisely so that you can finish your job before hand and can meet the deadline easily.

  • Revision

The most important thing for doing any job perfectly is a proper checking and revision. No one can do any job without a single error.

Mistakes can be made by the teachers as well. Naturally, students make mistakes while doing their English assignment so they must have sufficient time to revise the text thoroughly and rectify their mistakes before submission.

But in reality, the scenario is bit different. Most of the students do not take the assignment seriously from the beginning; they misuse the time initially,and at the last moment, they have to rush through the assignment hence, make lots of mistakes. But they do not have sufficient time for revision and rectification properly.

So, either they have to submit the assignment with lots of error, or they have to miss the deadline. Both make them defaulter.

Keeping this problem in mind, I am going to discuss few quick last minute revision tips which may help all the defaulter students to get rid of this problem.

  1. Answered all part?

Check the topic and the question that is given in the assignment. Maybe you had checked it at the starting point but refresh your memory and quickly take the view that you have touched all the parts of the topic and answer all the questions that are given.

  1. Touched all points?

Check that you have discussed all the relevant point chronologically as per their significance and give a proper explanation with right examples.

  1. Any grammatical error?

Focus on your grammar and language, if there are any grammatical mistakes rectify that swiftly. If it is required, you can consult with any professional from your family who may be available at that point of time.

  1. Creative enough?

Check there is no plagiarism in your writing. You have written it in your own words and language. It is very important to prove your creativity.

  1. Any other mistake?

Take a quick look that you have present your project item in a proper manner. You have written your name,roll number, etc. perfectly or else your all efforts will be a wastage.

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