5 Points to Be Noted Before Choosing the Major Subject in College

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‘’College: A stepping stone to universal domain of life!’’

How many times have you heard you child stating his or her dreams regarding college life? Well, I am sure many a times! Being a mother myself, I see my daughter weaving imaginary threads of dreams regarding which college to choose, what fashion statements to be followed in college and how to be the ‘one’ of the college.

However, apart from the fact that there is a specifically chosen subject that will be taken up for Majoring, there is no further discussion regarding subjects that should be chosen, and which would be beneficial for her career.

As a mother, giving such liberties to a child is acceptable, however, as a career counseling guide, this is one of the most important factors that needs to be taken care of.

Being in this field for nearly a decade now, I have seen very many students’ career plans going kaput simply due to a bad choice. Hence, it is imperative that I guide you regarding choosing out a subject that would be ideal for Majoring with.

Choosing the subject: A note for parents and students:

There have been more than single occasions when I have come across students who have merely taken up a subject that was their parents’ choice. With the aim of wish fulfillment for their parents, they have majored in a specific subject and now have absolutely nowhere to go.

Here I would like to take the opportunity to specifically state that while choosing a subject for taking up at college level, it is important that emotions be left aside and practical point of view be applied. Since it is based on this subject, that career and other future academic aspects of a particular student will be decided, so market demands are to be kept in mind rather than a mere extension of achievement of dreams.

Also, parents should never force their thoughts and ideas on students; rather they be allowed to take decisions by themselves.

Points to be noted before taking up a subject for Majoring in college:

There is a host of aspects that needs a complete and thorough checking before ensuring that a subject is taken up for Majoring in college. Only when most of the criteria match, should it be taken up for further studies.

  1. Inclination towards that subject:

This is the foremost factor that has to be considered. At college level, any subject has to be studied at a much deeper level. Hence, having an inherent liking towards a subject is of prime importance.

It is only when a specific subject is enjoyed by a student, can this be taken up for in-depth studies and assignments.

I have seen many students, who had taken up a subject for Majoring but simply could not continue with it, courtesy to their lack of interest and understanding of the subject. Hence, this needs to be taken into consideration before choosing a subject.

  1. Market demands of that subject:

Every subject has a certain period of rising in which it reaches the epitome of popularity. However, after a certain point of time, it goes downhill. However, there are certain subjects that have universal appeal and stays up for years together.

While choosing a subject for Majoring, it is important to check what market that subject currently has, what would be the heights that can be reached in regards to that subject and what period it would be beneficial for students.

For students who are immediately looking for a career opportunity post their college studies, they need to check out these details. After a certain point of time, when the market is on the slump they can even get back to academics. Thus, both ways are open for them.

  1. Career opportunities of that subject:

As I have mentioned before, it is the Majoring subject that determines career of students, and it is important that market scenario should be well studied in regards to that subject and then that subject be taken up for Majoring.

There have been times when I have seen students taking up a specific subject purely on the basis of love and passion for that subject. However, on a market level, that subject had almost no value.   In this way, their career was spoilt. So, make sure you do complete research prior to making such a decision.

  1. Reference material available for that subject:

How do you intend to study a subject if there is no reference material to back it up? Having proper books, reference materials and further opportunities are extremely essential for a specific subject to be studied at college level.

There are many subjects, where availability of reference material is very less, almost next to nil. In such cases, students have no base on which they can frame their discussion and thus lose out in the long run. So, make sure that you check out a host of online professional websites that help in academic studies, and see whether there is proper supply of teachers, academic notes, and other sources.

Does the quality check first!

  1. Quality of faculty and teaching standards in that specific college:

Getting into a renowned college these days is quite a difficult feat. Hence, when one gets admitted into it, they tend to forget that faculty members and teaching standards of that college in regards to Majoring subject need to be checked. As my experience goes, there have been instances that due to lack of proper faculty members, students had to drop out their Majoring subjects and even miss a year.

This should never happen with you. Make sure that you do a complete quality check and only then take a final decision regarding going ahead with that subject.

In case you are facing problems regarding studying of a singular subject, then you can get the perfect ideas with make academic studies a better process by pairing various subjects!

So, make sure you check out these aspects before making your choice of Majoring subject in college. Do you have any suggestions regarding this? Mail us your views and we will surely get back to you!