5 Mind Blowing Tricks on How to Choose and Write Good Narrative Essay Topics

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Some of the best writers in the world suffer from the problem of having nothing good to write about. They have all the skills and flair required to nail down the essence of the piece, but unfortunately not the originality to come up with an interesting topic. In college, this may not be a roadblock since most of the times, the professors will provide you with good narrative essay topics.

If that is not the case however, it is up to you to find an engaging topic. And that is not easy at all. Now you may be tempted to write on just about anything you find, but that is not always a good idea. The importance of having a quality essay topic is unparalleled. On some level, it alone can decide whether or not your essay will be a hit or a miss.

How to Choose a Topic?

As such, if you are someone who is struggling with this aspect of finding a decent topic to write about, perhaps the following few ideas can help you out in that regard. May be you will be able to find that piece of inspiration that you have been looking for all this while.

  1. Essays are essentially stories

One aspect of essays that people commonly forget about is that they are essentially just stories. By telling that story, you are trying to prove a point or get a message across to the reader. As such, it is natural that most good narrative essay topics are story based as well. So try and pick a topic that is descriptive in nature and requires some form of unfolding.

  1. Based on personal experience

Another common yet effective approach to choosing a good essay topic is that of finding something from personal experience. Everyone has experienced something interesting in their lives right? In that case, what better than to cut out a part of that experience and have them painted with your words? It is simple, it is effective and it works.

  1. Morals and Ethics

Another thing that makes for good narrative essay topics is morality. With the way laws are laid out in today’s world, there is a fine line between duty and moral code. You can always use this conflict to fuel your essay in an attempt to bring the reader’s attention to such issues worldwide. There are still so many moral issues that need solving which is why this makes for a perfect topic to consider.

  1. What if scenarios

Essay topics based on what if situations also make for fantastic writing. After all, it takes quite some imagination and even a bit of madness to create a story based completely on possibilities rather than certainties. It is usually a favorite amongst students since it allows them to exercise their writing flair to the maximum. It should be no different for you either.

  1. Your passion and interests

Last but not the least, the main ingredient for good narrative essay topics that most people tend to ignore is that it should be something related to their interests and desires. Write about something you are passionate about instead of grinding way at something you have no idea on. Even if it is mediocre, your interest about the subject can elevate the essay to truly great heights.

Tips for Quality Writing

Now that you have at least some basic knowledge regarding how you should be choosing a good essay topic, it is not time to turn your attention towards the bigger elephant in the room – writing the essay itself. And just like choosing a topic, this is not easy at all. Even when you find a solid idea to work with, if your execution is flawed, there is no merit in having a topic with so much potential.

So once you have some good narrative essay topics narrowed down, here are some tips that you can follow to actually flesh out the content.

  1. Keep focus

A mistake that many novice writers make is branching off to too many directions within a short period of time. Always focus on what you are writing about and maintain your focus on said topic throughout. Do not mention irrelevant facts and information that is in no way, related to the essence of your topic. Often you will be tempted to do so, but resist the temptation as much as possible.

  1. Connection of facts

The best writers not only provide a host of interesting and intriguing ideas to the reader, but they also shown them how to connect it all. Try not to vomit as much as possible within the space of a few pages just because you have to. Tell the reader how each of them is connected to one another. This approach makes for much more of an interesting read.

  1. Remember to conclude

Amidst all of the haste and confusion related to finding good narrative essay topics for your essay, people tend to forget that they have to conclude everything properly. So remember to end your essay, irrespective of how it has turned out. Even an average essay can be redeemed if the conclusion is done well.

  1. Know your limits

It is also a good idea to always stay within your abilities and limits. In order to do that, you have to first recognize them to begin with. Accepting that there are some things you cannot do at the moment is important for growth. Work towards everything you want to become, but also learn to recognize the times when you are simply not skilled enough; yet.

  1. Engaging the reader

Lastly, try and write your essays in a manner that will enrapture the reader from the very beginning. All good narrative essay topics must be done justice to and the only way to do that is by writing interesting content. There are certain skills that one must master before being capable of doing something like this. But all said and done, if you can pull it off, there is nothing better that you can do for your essay.