5 Best Study Habits That Help Pass Your Exam

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Exam time is one of the most dreadful periods of a student’s life.  All hell breaks down up on a student when an examination starts approaching.  But, there is nothing to worry if you have the right approach towards your study. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you pass your exam with flying colours.

  1. Revise and revise

Revision forms an integral part of study. The more you revise a topic, the more you will be able to discover and explore.  A human brain can remember things maximum up to 72 hours. Thus it becomes necessary to revise a particular topic so that it always remains fresh in the mind.

Passing an exam becomes a child play if you revise your hand written notes as many times as possible. There is nothing wonderful than reading your own notes during the time of your exam. This proves that you have prepared and worked hard for passing your exams. Your own learning notes make you understand the topic even better. This will eventually help you in putting your best on the exam paper.

  1. Meditation, the best cure

There is nothing miraculous than meditation. This age old practice acts as the best antidote to every stress.  A calm mind is highly needed to sit peacefully in an exam and write the paper. Nothing calms the mind but meditation.

As far as my personal experience goes, meditation has made me stay at peace in different stressful situations. It also improves memory power and the reasoning ability of the brain. 10minutes meditation a day, will keep your tension away. This is the main crux. If you want to crack an exam with decent marks, even if you are a good student, then the right path towards achieving success is doing meditation.

  1. Mind mapping

The best way to learn anything is by using mind maps. This technique helps in making remember a topic in an easy way. It is an excellent tool for remembering a topic or subject. This method helps you join or connect the dots from one issue to another, beautifully. Ultimately, it will help you to produce your answer in a more structured way.

Mind mapping helps you increase your visualization power. The pictorial overview that is created remains carved inside the brain lifelong.

  1. Mock exams

Giving mock exams boost confidence. Whatever be the result of the mock test, you should not worry. These tests are meant to increase your confidence level and ward off your insecurities regarding the main exam.

You can practice on old papers or buy materials that are available in the market.  You can become familiar with the examination pattern and time yourself accordingly.

  1. Creating Timetable

Planning your entire study hour and study topics will help you cover your syllabus in the right time. This is an excellent study habit which must be inculcated by every student of any age.  It helps you in shaping your time in an efficient manner.

These tips will definitely help you to pass any exam in your life. Do not get overboard with your studies. Relaxation is also needed. So, relax and rock your exams with a stable mind.