3 Days Left! Here Is the Guide on How to Write a Dissertation in 3 Days

Write a Dissertation in 3 Days
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Time is slipping from your hand and it is hard to hold it in your fist.

When I was in the last year of college I had to visit my home as my grandfather was ill. That time I had to face meet a time bomb. Even though I knew that I have a dissertation to write within one week.

Most of the assignments were done on time but that single piece of the dissertation was a headache.

When I can back I had only four days left and the deadline was so close. I felt like an invisible rope was reducing its radius slowly surrounded my neck.

I was suffocating inside!

I was tensed, couldn’t ask for any kind of help from my friends as they were busy in their wirings. I also went to my assigned teacher for the extension of the deadline but she refused to do so.

When I was sitting silently in my class, looked bewilder and frustrated my professor called me in her office. Well, I thought she would give me some more time but I was absolutely wrong. Instead of giving me the time she guided me how to write a dissertation in 3 days.

Honestly speaking I did exactly what my professor told me to do. Following those steps, I was able to complete my dissertation in 3 days. I didn’t get A+ though but the trick was enough to get an A. In this blog I’ll share my secret to 3 days of dissertation writing tricks.

Follow the process listed below and expert yourself in how to write a dissertation in 3 days:

  • Know the length:

You must decide first the length of your dissertation. A basic dissertation should have minimum 10000 words and maximum 100000 words. But when you have minimum time then you must choose to write your dissertation within ten to twenty thousand.

  • Time for writing:

When you have three days left then you must divide the time of your writing. If you are aiming to write 15000 words dissertation then you have to deal with 5000 words daily. Depending on typing speed it will take minimum 5 hours a day.

  • Create the outline:

A perfect dissertation needs knowledge, analysis, research and writing style. But you must stick on the writing pattern. Before you start writing you should create an outline of your writing. Don’t miss any point in your writing due to the short time. Write the main body part in the first phase. Give two-third of the time to write the body part. 

It is the most important part as it holds the entire information about your research and study. Create a crisp but informative and arguably body paragraph. Without proper guidance, you can’t achieve it in three days. So do what I did for the completion of my dissertation in three days.

  • Write in parts:

The most effective way to finish your dissertation in three days is to write in small sections. Sectioning your writing not only create the interest of your readers but also help you to manage your writing time. You can take breaks in section writing easily. This technique will reduce your pressure and help you to focus more on the writing.

  • Stay away from distractions:

How to write a dissertation in 3 days if you spend your every single minute on social media? Take a break from all social media. Think that you are a cave person and lock yourself in your room. Take a complete disconnection from the world. Any kind of social interaction can distract you which are harmful to you. 

  • Wasting time:

Every microsecond counts when you have only three days left to complete your dissertation. If you take an unnecessary break from the study will engulf your scheduled time. Skipping a millisecond can increase your pressure.

You are already sitting on a ticking time bomb so you don’t have to take a break from snacks also. Don’t waste time eating dinner or lunch. Finish as fast as you can run to your laptop to write.

  • Last but important:

If you are thinking of writing an introduction and conclusion within one hour then you are naïve in this matter. You should know the introduction and the conclusion is also an important part of writing. If you don’t have a good start then your dissertation will not be read. If you don’t give a good closer then it will affect your grades.

So, give at least one day of writing the introduction and conclusion part. Don’t avoid it.

  • checking and editing:

I don’t know how much time you left in your hand. But you must recheck your grammar and spelling before submitting. You need to submit a 100% plagiarism free dissertation. Give your dissertation one hour time and check all mistakes. Correct your dissertation if needed. Don’t submit a dissertation which has errors.

  • Get help from professional:

When I was in trouble my professor helped me a lot to submit my dissertation in time. If you don’t know where to go, then take online professional help. Try to write its own self. But in case you failed to achieve it within time then only professionals from online homework help can guide you.

They are active for 24×7 for you and will able to complete your dissertation within three days. The charge for the services is very affordable and the quality of the work is incomparable. You can ask to write for the full writing help from academic writing helper or you can ask to write the part you are unable to do.

They work for you and can work on even in the tight schedule of three days. Your dissertation will be delivered to your main within the time period.

The above nine ideas of How to write a dissertation in 3 days are the best possible ways. Just follow the way. I’m sure you can achieve what you have dreamt for.

If you find my idea is helpful for you then share with your friends. I know they are suffering the same as you. Help them to finish the dissertation in three days.