15 Easy Ways How to Deal with the Entire Syllabus before Exams

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Preparing for exams becomes easier if a student knows how to manage it well. One should understand certain things before preparing for exams that are also known as main techniques of doing the study.

  • Always makes a start of the class with paying attention. When teacher is preparing in the class should make proper notes on daily basis.
  • When you came to the home after studying from a class, prefer to revise what your teacher teaches in a quiet room.
  • Always prefer to stay organised referring to study guides. Always go according to the study guide.
  • At frequent intervals review the old examination papers and assignments. It helps in understanding important questions that are being asked in a particular question.
  • Adjust study the method from the starting that suits you well.
  • Motivation is most important thing that helps student preparing for the exam.
  • Never hamper your sleep and eating habits.

Some of the ways are discussed below to make your approach easier:

  1. Detailed explanation for preparing for the exam:

Figure out each and everything about the exam and grades you have aimed to get in the exam from the starting. Make a time table of all the subjects along with the mentioning of a month in which exams take place.

  1. Planning of review sessions:

Prefer to do mini-reviews at frequent intervals in advance so it helps well in preparing for the exam. It helps in avoid of cramming of the whole syllabus in one night.

  1. Pay attention in class

Revising the whole syllabus in one go is not possible. But if a student pays attention from the starting then it will be not a difficult task.

  1. Take good notes

Prepare good notes of each subject and it is essential to makes notes side by side irrespective of the topic. Always prefer to write what your teacher teaches in the class.  As student often forgets what teachers teaches as the syllabus moves further. Making notes will always make you remember the same.  Develop the habit of reviewing the notes regularly as it helps in reinforcing the system you just learned.

  1. Regular studies are very important to make revision of the exams:

If students do regular studies, it makes student always confident of appearing for the exams. It also helps in you getting grades which you aimed for. Doing regular studies avoids last minute cramming session. It also saves time just a day before exams, as regular studies is an important factor.

  1. Keep focused on the goals that you have set at the time of studying

If you have planned to complete four topics in one hour of the particular subject then remain focused on the same. Creating a study plan is always a good idea. Plan in such a way that you always get a chance of spending quality time on difficult lessons so at the last time of exams there should be no cramming.

  1. Never study in a dim light

Never prefer to study in a dark room, whenever you study in a room in the night make additions of the lamp and opening of the window coverings for the daytime study. It helps in creating a better focus, concentration and room with full of oxygen.

  1. Exam format of study is must to know before preparing for the exam:

A student from the starting should always know the format of the exam so it helps in preparing well for the exam as it has advantages such getting extra credit.  Preparation should always be done in that form as it helps in getting better results.

  1. Always prefer to have a clean environment

The study room of a student should always be orderly, quiet and clean. There should be no distractions in the room. Study table of the room should always be well organised.

  1. Never do studies by watching television

Many students who have less interest in studies and prefer to study by watching television. It is itself inviting the distractions. Never prefer to do the same. It makes student unfocused and only half things store in the mind of the student. It also affects the study performance of a student.

  1. One can listen to music while studying but how right or wrong it is for a student

Music affects the memorising performance of student but this memorising technique does not suit everyone. It depends on an individual basis. If a student wants to listen to music then prefer classical music as there is a kind of peace in that music. Another is listening to instrumental music. Don’t listen to Bollywood or Hollywood music!

  1. The reinvention of notes in an attractive format

It includes doing of the mind mapping. Make colourful notes that look attractive and appealing to study. Apart from that also prefer to re-write the notes by the way of revising; it helps to keep the notes stored for a long period in your mind. It helps in refreshing your memory.

  1. Never try to study when your mind is tired

Always prefer to study when your mind is ready to study if the mind is tired then no point of studying the same.  Rather than late night studies prefer doing it early morning. In tired mind, it always likes cramming so in the morning even if you have only 15-20 minutes for studying then do it. Study always in chunks, it will make you grasp more.

  1. Study according to your learning style

If you are visual learner then prefer to learning by using diagrams and pictures. If you believing revising by reading aloud or giving yourself lectures then follow the same.  It will help in better understanding of the syllabus.

  1. Make adjustment of study techniques as per the subject:

As if a subject is Mathematics then it requires practice and if a subject is A History then it requires memorization.  A student needs to make up a mind as per the subject.

If you follow perfectly all the tips, then revising whole syllabus can no longer remain a difficult task. It all requires a focus and concentration.