10 Ways to Maintain Balance Between Study and Hobby for a Student

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I have often noticed that when students start pursuing their academic career, they skip their hobby or passion. They don’t do it purposely but, under the extreme pressure of study, there is hardly any time left. One major reason is time management. Children often fail to manage all their work and still continue their passion. If you have been depressed about it then don’t be, I am here with so really a helpful solution.

Before that, let’s get 2 things clear in our mind.

  1. Why is academic career important?

Knowledge and education come hand in hand. If you want to do anything in life, that requires a sense of rational reasoning to achieve practical goals in life. Do you think it is easy to do that without making an educational base? Maybe centuries back it was but now, no. Just imagine being in a place where people have a more educational concept and better way of presentation.

Then even if your point is strong, your voice might go unnoticed among those well-presented people. This is why it is crucial to have an educational base as it will help you in the following thing:

  • Develop better communication skill
  • More confidence to face people and question
  • Have updated knowledge about the present world
  • Better thinking capacity
  • More positive approach and sportsmanship spirit
  1. Why should one have a hobby?

Hobby adds the artistic and creative touch in everybody’s life. In this busy competitive life, it is very important to do something that we choose to and not because we have to do it. Hobby is that door in everybody’s life where the other side will always have a bright sky. If you have a hobby, you can be relieved in the following ways:

  • Outlet for you stress
  • Decreased anger issue
  • Have a different and creative outlook in difficult situation
  • Fewer chances of falling under peer pressure or suffering from academic depression

Now, that I have inspired and encouraged you to keep a creative pastime; it is my responsibility to help you in achieving agood score in the exam as well as keep your passion going.

10 ways to maintain a balance between study and hobby

  1. Make a routine

It is very important to have a proper time table and follow it. This way you can learn the art of time management. If you can tame time,who waits for no one; there is nothing that can stop you from doing whatever you want.

  1. Do not put overemphasis on one thing

When I have used the word ‘balance’ before, I mean it I literal sense. You need to do both studies and pursue your hobby regularly.

  1. Don’t do anything just for the sake of it

Have dedication for what you are doing and put concentration when you are working. There is no substitute of these two. It will not only help to improve the quality of your work, at the same time,but you will also be able to complete it fast without making many errors.

  1. You need not be ‘Jack of all trade’

If you just keep on changing your mind and decision now and then, it will be of no use. A fickle mind is usually of no good especially when it comes to such paramount aspects like career and passion.

This is why; I will suggest sticking to one thing that you like the most and not get biased by seeing others.

  1. Choose your career and hobby wisely

Just what I mentioned in the above point is related to this. If you do something by seeing others or just to be ‘cool,’ it will not fetch you any benefit. Always pursue something that you are really interested in, no matter if other people or your friends are trying to manipulate or demean your idea. Be it the stream or subject you are opting for, or what do like doing in your pastime,always be original!

  1. Stay healthy

Staying in good health both mentally and physically is very important. Get proper sleep, eat healthy, engage yourself in some physical activity and most importantly share a good relation with people around you, especially your family. Their support will be the encouragement for you do better in every phase of life.

  1. Take a break sometimes

Yes! You read me right. Hobby is not a break. It is an equally important part of your life like studies. For this reason, you should take a break from both and go out on a short trip, family vacation. In case you want to utilize the break by doing something productive, you can always do some internship.

  1. Opt for professional help in studies

If you really want to go well in an academic career, a clear concept and understating of subjects is crucial. If you don’t have that, then you might have to spend extra time in doing your assignment. But are you just against the concept of a private tutor? Then, you can opt for professional online homework help services. They will perfectly guide you and will also provide you with the best quality homework assignments.

  1. Never pile up your work

Never! Never! Do this. It seems live even two never is not enough to show you how much I mean this point. See, it is a simple, vicious circle where if you keep your work lagging, you will have to finish it at some point at least. At that point, it will be of so much of work that you won’t be able to concentrate on the present assignments. And again they will start piling up.

  1. You can turn your passion into your profession

If you are good at something and you know you can establish a good lifestyle with your passion, then why not make it your profession. But for this, at first, you need to follow all the above nine points before you can decide if this is what you want to do for the rest of your life!

So I hope it is now clear to you that how you can achieve success in both academic and creative field of life. Then it’s time for you to start implying it in your life!