10 Ways to Learn Management That Is Not Taught in Class

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Though academic education begins from our schools, in our class, with our teachers, but learning usually starts since before we join school. Our lives, our family and our environment teach us a lot. Few things exist in this world which can be taught by others. In these situations our experiences and our instinct become our best weapons. They teach us a lot of management skills throughout our life.   Remember always that self teaching is the best teaching for everyone.

So here we project some light on those skills that we learn from our life and not in class.

  1. Managing the seniors

Everyone needs to learn this skill from very begging but no school give any lesson about this. We develop this skill through our experiences such as

  • In the child hood if we get into any mischief then our senior family members like our parents, grad parents or other elder family members rebuke or punish us. To avoid such situation we have to manage them.
  • In the school, if some students do not pay attention in the class, for get their homework or perform poor in tests, then they fall in the teacher’s blacklist and treated as a defaulter. To prove their innocence and to keep the good image,they have to give several alibis and often they able to manage their teachers. This is also a management skill and no teacher in this world, teaches such lesson in their class.
  • Lots of people follow this management skill later on in their work place to please their senior for a good promotion. Managing the boss is an artistic skill which cannot be taught in any class.


  1. Situation management

Throughout our life we have to face different kind of situations. No one can guess what situation may arise in future.  So we need to learn it from the different experiences. There is no class where the general students can be taught that –

  • How we can escape from a tap if no one is there in my help
  • How we can stop a bleed if there is no medicine.
  • Making a proper map of a particular place for searching any address or something else.
  • What should we do if we lost in a market place and we do not know the way?

To tackle these situations we need special skills and intelligence. There is no single class where we can learn these. We have to learn this from our real life experiences. Whenever an odd situation is arise

  • We need not to get puzzled; we have to face it boldly with full confidence.
  • Need to try to be cool and think for a quick and easy solution.
  • Try to remember if we have ever heard about this previously from someone else, from any real life story or any movie, and we can find out a  definite way out.


  1. Selection management

Selecting anything perfectly is most important factor in our life. Perfect selection plays a vital role in our life; it can make our way easy in every aspect of life.   But it is not included in our syllabus.Selection management helps us for

  • Selecting The right subject to study
  • Selecting a good friend in school
  • Selecting a partner for study business or life
  • Selecting the right team for doing a good performance.
  • Selecting the right candidate for making the government


  1. Relationship management

It is important to keep good relation with other members of your societies, as they come forward when you are in trouble. But there are no such subjects in our syllabus that teaches us how we can make good relationship with others.Our eagerness and our natural instinct teach us such things-

  • Through good behaviour.
  • Good communication.
  • Proper negotiation.


  1. Elimination management

Everything that we get in our way is not perfectly fit for us so it is very important to know whom or what should we curtail from our life  in right time for making our life smooth and easy. Our life, passion and situation teach us such thing.


  1. Mind management

There are ample numbers of institutes for learning how we can develop and maintain our physical health but hardly anything for our mental development. It is also very important to learn –

  • How to reduce our stress and anxiety.
  • How to control our emotions and feelings.


  1. Self management

It is one of the best ways to achieve a sure success.  If you can somehow manage your attitude and your surroundings you can triumph over the world. But you do not get any lesson on self management in your class on a regular basis you have to learn it by your won through –

  • Self realization
  • Focusing on the job
  • Time management
  • Knowing your passion
  • Learning from your failure


  1. Digital management

We see that there are so many computer lessons in schools and colleges, and also private cyber crash courses for learning programming and software. Yet, these lessons are not enough to deal with the cyber world as of today.We all have online bank accounts and accounts on social media, or other private entities.

  • How will we know whether those accounts are ever hacked, before it is too late? Or,
  • How can we solve a problem of coding in the OS of our PC or smartphone?

The usual computer courses in academic institutes or in private do not provide such in sight ful knowledge on cyber systems. So, true digital management is very necessary to live in this world full of cyber crimes.Logging onto the Net for information on such precautionary tactics and useful tricks can be a solution to learn the necessary digital management.


  1. Household management

Household management is perhaps one of the most significant management skills which are definitely never a part of class lessons.Without this skill, nobody in this world can live satisfactorily. The important household management skill that everyone should know that are –

  • Proper financial budgeting and taking right financial step for the house
  • Maintenance and repairing Electrical gadgets, electrical circuits and cars.
  • Doing plumbing jobs repairing leakage of the pipes and other house hold problems
  • Basic things of cooking so that students can make at list one or two dishes by their own if it is require.

This learning helps us in every aspect throughout our life. But no single course is therefor all general students to learn these most important factors for making our life smooth.


  1. Change adaptation management

Throughout the life we have to do lots of work we have to face different situation by our own plan and techniques.  But sometime other’s way of work may be more effective hence itis recommended by all. So due to research and development new ideas and thoughts are evolve on a regular basis and life is changing every moment. If we want to exist in this ever-changing world we must learn to take these changes in a positive way.  But surprisingly we never get any lesson on this topic in our any class.  We have to learn it by our –

  • Self realization.
  • Self counselling.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Confidence for taking challenges.

So now you all can realize that you can learn a lot lifetime skills from your life and environment so try to take every bit from there. Except your school and class nowadays another popular way of learning is online education they have different rare and  unique course here you can get  a good lesson on this topic. So expand your world through on line learning, social media etc. you can learn a lot of things from there which enhance your inner quality helps in your study.  So you must know how ‘Can Facebook and Twitter help you complete assignments?’