10 Ways Through Which You Can Improve English Writing Skills

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Why do you love reading ‘Pride and Prejudice’? Why is that you simply cannot stop admiring for the Shakespearean works? Is it just because of the characters there, or is there something more to it? Well, here comes the answer. It is the kind of writing in these works which motivates you, engages you and captivates your mind.

Writing is that which reflects the mind of the author. It is said that ‘‘you can make anything by writing.’’ From expressing your emotions to expressing thoughts, writing is the best medium of communication. And it is this desire of expression that you need to write.

How efficient are you in writing something? What are your teacher’s views on your English writing skills? If the answer to both of these questions is nothing satisfactory, then you need to improve your writing skills at the earliest. No matter what subject you want to pursue further in your life, you need to have good writing capabilities.

Good writing is a privilege a person can inherit himself. In a world where all other privileges are blessed by the Almighty, a person can develop his writing skills by hard work. So, if you are a student who is reading this post, give it a thought. No matter how knowledgeable you are in your subject, unless and until you know the tool of expression properly, you cannot excel.

You may be wondering how to learn writing skills. It is not a subject which you can simply read and understand so that you acquire the basic knowledge. Well, have patience as we have solutions to this. Just like you take out time for playing soccer daily, you need to follow certain techniques which will help you develop good English writing skills.

Ways to improve your English Writing skills:

Did you score low grade in English exam? Have you been asked to improve your English writing skills? Then here comes the aid to your problem.

  1. Brush up your basics

The most important criteria to expose your thoughts is expressing them. And as per the present education structure, a student needs to express his thoughts by writing them in the exam. It happens that though you know the answer to a question, you are unable to express it properly which results to poor grades. Thus, you need to brush up the basics of English writing.

You need to pay attention to the sentence construction, formation of paragraphs, enhanced vocabulary, etc.

  1. Avoid using unnecessary words/ same words

There are times when students make use of unnecessary words to extend their sentences. You need to avoid using words which put no additional value to a sentence. Many students often use repetitive words. There are some rules regarding the usage of words. Avoid using the same word over and over again.

For example, ‘‘He misinterpreted my word and understood it the wrong way.’’ Avoid writing it and chose- ‘‘He misinterpreted my word.’’

  1. ‘Practice makes a man perfect’

Just the way you practice mathematics daily, you need to practice your English writing skills too. The more you practice; the better will be your writing. You can practice your writing habit by solving various writing exercises like essay-writing, summary-writing, letter-writing, etc. Once you finish the work, get it corrected by an elder who holds command in the subject. You can even take help from various online professional educational sites.

  1. Be a versatile reader

Reading forms to be the best exercise. A writer needs to be a versatile reader so that he can develop better writing skills. The more you read, the efficient you will be in writing. In a desire to be a proficient writer, you should be a well-versed reader first. Don’t just limit yourself to contents like blogs or article. Become a member of any library you want. Now grab as many books as you can and expand your knowledge!

  1. Learn the correct usage of grammar

No matter whether you are speaking or writing, using the correct grammar is a must. Grammatical errors are one of the initial stairs you need to climb properly so that you develop a good writing skill. The kind of grammar you use, decides the quality of your content. Too much grammatical mistakes are the chief reason behind your low grades!
Students can even improve their punctuation by referring to- How to make use of Punctuation to secure better grades in English?

  1. Maintain a single tense throughout the content

Before you start writing something, think of the tense you want to use. Decide if you want to use the present, the past or the future tense. This is essential so that you do not mix tenses in your content. Teachers often find the content irrelevant if they are unable to understand the tense you are using. Avoid using a mixture of tenses so that your readers or your English teacher does not get confused.

  1. Make your content simple and to the point

Students often have a misconception that by using complex words, they can impress the teacher as the notion is completely opposite. Teachers love reading contents/answers which are simple and easy to read for them.

There are students who do not hit the topic directly. They keep on dragging and increase the number of pages with a notion that it will bring better grades. Teachers often lack time as they need to correct several answer scripts at a time. Thus, when they see that the student is exaggerating unnecessarily, they give an average grade and move to the next student. You need to avoid this by writing to the point answers.

  1. Ensure that your spellings are correct

Other than the grammatical mistakes, even spelling mistakes are the ones which result in poor grades. As you write, be aware of the spellings you use. You will see that you tend to make several spelling mistakes. Correct these immediately. In case you get confused, refer to the dictionary and check the spelling.

  1. Proof-read your writing-

Before submitting the answer script or your homework, go through the entire write-up once. You need to proof-read so that you can notice if you have made any mistake. Proof-reading ensures that the work you are submitting is by the far the best of your knowledge.

  1. Have a friend as your writing companion-

It is always better to have a fair competition. This will not only boost up your confidence but also enhance your skills. Thus, whenever you think of practicing your writing skill, call a friend. Now you can together practice writing and be an encouragement to each other.

By following these 10 tips along with the necessary willingness and determination, you can easily improve your English writing skills. Keep reading, writing, and admiring the writers all over the world.

Happy Writing!