10 Strategies Which Will Help You to Finish Your Syllabus Before Others

23 Mar 10 Strategies Which Will Help You to Finish Your Syllabus Before Others

The first and foremost thing on a student’s mind as the exam season approaches is, “How do I finish the syllabus?” Panic and exam fever are common for them who push aside their regular academic tasks and wait for the exam to come near and then the cramming session starts.

In order to make the work of students a little less cumbersome here are some useful tips. It might allow you to even sneak out time for your favourite game few days before the exam too!

  1. Start Early

You might have to compromise on your beauty sleep a little but starting early will give you that boost and will make things easier. And by early, it is suggested you start way earlier than you would normally do! For any work, starting it is the actual challenge. Things just fall into place sooner or later after that.

  1. Gather the notes –

Before starting off, gather all the important notes so that you do not frantically search for them while studying.

  1. Identify your weak point sand work on them

Judging and understanding yourself can help you perform much better. Try to understand where you lag behind and the parts that seem more difficult to understand the rest. Now that you identified the weak spots, try to work on them and improve slowly.

  1. Focus on the important parts of the syllabus –

You will need the help of your teacher for this. There are certain portions of a syllabus that are always more important than the others for your examination. Brushing up these ‘focal’ points more will help you score brownie points in your exam and will also ensure your syllabus is finished faster.

  1. Read and write –

Memorizing your text books and notes by heart is not enough. Maintain a copy and write all the important points down. Make charts, draw graphs and jot the points as you learn them. This is an effective way to understand and remember.

  1. Avoid mindless cramming –

Memorize but do not mug up without understanding the concepts. Try to understand what you are studying and then learn it by heart. It will fasten the process of learning and you can move on to next chapter faster than usual.

  1. Practice dummy speeches –

Once you have memorized all the important points say them out loud in front of an object or maybe your little sibling since it will build your confidence.

  1. Nag your teacher –

Yes, nag your teacher albeit in a positive way! Do not shy away from taking their help anytime.

  1. Set achievable targets –

Decide what portion you need to complete each day and try to reach that target every day. Slowly and steadily increase the amount of studying.

  1. Study regularly –

Even though this sounds boring but if you really want to finish the syllabus fast then you should study regularly without fail!

Now that you got to know all the tricks finishing your syllabus will not be tough. But, students who have economics as their subject and find it hard to understand.