10 Best Things about Computer Science Every Child Wants to Know

05 Mar 10 Best Things about Computer Science Every Child Wants to Know

Computer programming is as a discipline which is not merely about creation of the next generation application or a high-fi web site. In the true sense computer science is about discipline, problem solving, and planand is a sound introduction for the great world of logic.In earlier times computers had the big size almost like your house and the way of communication with the users was through smallcards bits or ticker tape. So when something went wrong, the valves needed to be repaired by someone who was the programmer to save time.

With the progress of time computer science has taken over the entire globe. You all need to know computers at least the basics to grow in the society. Students or applicants who wanted to take Computer Science as their career path needed no special knowledge to be enrolledinto the course.

If you are one of those aspiring students who want to pursue a degree in Computer Science must know some of the compelling reasons to take up this degree course in case you need some more convincing:

  1. Computer scientists are required by digital ages

We all are living in this time – the Digital Age. The fact is computer programmes have been infiltrating and conquering all aspects of our lives in totality. Computer scientists are those important people who help in developing, theorising, designing and applying the hardware and software for the users that are used every moment which is obviously so important for the growth of our world.

  1. Stunning graduate prospects for computer science students

If you check out the statistics for Computer Science students or see the Graduate Prospects portion you will find that students of computer science have a really bright chance of gettingemployed professionally and also while studying further like within almost six months after leaving university.

  1. Earning lucrative salary as computer scientist

Computer programmers or scientist are always high rated in the demand list and the salaries they draw also reflect this fact.Some reports have revealed that fresh graduates ofthese professional rolesare earningan average of £23,144 on yearly basis. This is much substantial when you compare with other subjects.Some systems engineersof senior managerial roles are earningaround £45,000 to £70,000 per year.

  1. All category of industry needs Computer scientists

Almost each and every industry is using computers extensively and hence computer scientists are able to work in a wide range of field. There are so many issues in engineering, science, health care and various other areas that can be easily solved by computers. It depends on the computer scientist who will help in figuring the way to design the software and simultaneously applying the solution.

  1. Students of different culture study computer science

Computer science exhibits international diverse cohort because of the craze among young students to pursue this subject. The department thus benefit typically from containing the immensely cultural diverse cohorts in the universities. As per some statistics almost nine thousand students of computer science are from overseas.A mixed cohort shows that the students are opened to various cultures. They potentially complete the universityhaving internationalcontact network at the end of student life which they can utilise in future career or life.

  1. Abroad opportunities

Computers are a global phenomenon, and those who offer Computer Science education definitely exhibit this fact. You have so many opportunities to study computer programming overseas courses which may interest you. When you spend a year abroad it offers a wholesome experience and you get a deep insight as to the ways of computers’ usage in other parts of the world, you also get to know other cultures and gaining language skills.

  1. Computer scientist feel like God.

The ,most important thing which attracts me and everyone else to pursue CS major is that whatever stuff you are building will stay for ever ,it is a fact.That has to be accessible to huge number of people.One of my great teachers of Computer science had told on the first day of the course that “Computers are pretty dumb, but they are equally good at taking instructions”. It is true that do anything to the letter. So if you are able to talk to your computerin a language that it understands you can make it do whatever you wish, is not that golden?

  1. In CS everything has to decompose

Your problem solving skills are surely to become better when you have completed studying computer science as a major. You can find easy resolution to problem with an analyticalmind.Let me give you an example. Suppose you are running late today morning.You can break the issue down in step –1)what will take the maximum time and how to cut corners effectively in order to avoid time wasting?

  1. Every problem in your day to day life can be solved by the CS approach

You will find that your parents are relying on you for fixing any technological related things like phones, television and anything you think of. The approach is that every issue is like a software problem. What can be wrong? You need to searchfor the problem’s symptoms and seeing the spot. Also understanding the systemand the cause of it is needed. At the end you will obtain the solution.

  1. Experimentation is important.

When you learn CS it will involve experimentation. You require playing with the code and really getting deep in it. Many a times you may break things that were working earlier. But at the end you learn something new and innovative for your life.

If you are a CS major it is a hard job, but you must remember that you are taking the generation forward.